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All of our classes were created and crafted by a birth nurse, doula and Lamaze childbirth educator with over 23 years of experience- she's interactive, informative and fun. Most importantly: she's a mom of four!

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After your class, you can hop into our virtual community to chat with other moms, ask questions and get connected to businesses and local support systems. Available for free on iOS, Android and online.

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Private, Virtual Doula Support

You'll never feel alone when you have a virtual doula to support your pregnancy and postpartum. Schedule regular meetings to chat or text when things come up.

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What Moms are Saying:


"Joanne is a bright light in what can sometimes be a confusing and scary time! As a nurse, doula and mom of four, she knows everything there is to know about birthing and raising tiny humans. Her wealth of knowledge and ability to provide information in a real, friendly way is a necessity for soon-to-be moms and new moms alike. I feel lucky to have had her in my life throughout my pregnancy and beyond!"

-Rose Terry, Marketing Manager and mom of Hudson


"If you haven't had the chance to get to know Joanne yet, you're in for a treat. I love the fact that she keeps it real. My favourite photo of her (which you can find over on her Instagram feed) is the one of her dancing and wearing a funky pair of sunglasses. I also love the fact that she brings her own life experience to all things parenting. She's been through tough times and she's willing to share that to help another mama along. I find that super inspiring and I'm pretty sure that you will, too."

-Ann Douglas, Canadian best-selling author "The Mother of All Pregnancy Books" and "Happy Parents Happy Kids" 

Have a Better Birth With Us!

We've got the classes you need to become educated, informed and empowered to have your baby.

Cesarean Birth

Over 30% of women in North America will have a c-section but most prenatal classes just skim over it.

The Belly Birth Plan™ gives you a complete toolkit so you can have a positive birth experience, a well-planned postpartum and a wtf-free recovery from your birth. Crazy, right?

As a nurse who’s scrubbed into hundreds of c-section and recovered new moms postpartum this is the course I know you need.

As a woman who’s had two cesareans, this is the course I wish I’d had.

Vaginal Birth

This incredibly easy program helps expectant moms achieve a Natural Birth in a hospital setting.

Without the nightmare pregnancy stories, the hippie judgey non-practical stuff, or reading a book to realize half-way through it’s not for you.

Don't cross your fingers and hope for a birth experience that leaves you feeling empowered. Through this program, you'll arm yourself with the education and support you need to learn how to effectively communicate your wishes with your birth team.

Birth Without Tearing

After 20-plus years as a birth nurse, doula and prenatal teacher, one of the biggest fears I've noticed is that women are really scared to tear down there.

The truth is that you don't have to push out your baby and expect to have a tear, an episiotomy or stitches after.

This mini-course teaches you the stages of pushing, gives you tools to manage each stage and it will empower you to push your baby out without tearing a damn thing.

Are you Ready to Prep Yourself for Motherhood?

Stop wondering what you need to know to have a safe birth and a planned postpartum. We'll help you take the uncertainty out of your pregnancy, birth and postpartum! Visit our course page and sign up for one of our classes now.


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