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Get Ready to Feel Empowered for your Belly Birth.

Don’t let the fear of not knowing what to expect put a dark cloud over your pregnancy and birth.
I’ve got all the information that you need to plan a birth that you’ll love and gently ease into motherhood while you recover and bond with your newborn.

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Lemme Guess...

You fast-tracked your career, travelled the globe and now you’re finally PREGNANT.

You’ve been preparing for this for years.

But just like the stock market in 2020, your natural birth plan has crashed:

your doctor just told you that you’ll need to have a CESAREAN

Ummmm, say what now?

First you felt relief because you’re a planner.

But now you’re frantically scrolling through the scary depths of Google to figure out what you really need to know, and somewhere in between the horror stories of excruciating pain and post-op infections you slam your laptop shut.

Right now you’re wondering

Where can I find trustworthy information?

What should I expect while I’m in the hospital?

How will I cope when I go home with a newborn after major surgery?

Sound familiar?

We must be kindred spirits.

Over 30% of all births in North America end up being cesareans.

I see you-

It’s so weird to go from being completely in control of your life to feeling a sense of no control over your body.

Why would you want to spend your precious time in a birth class geared towards vaginal birth?

Sitting through one of those prenatal classes every Saturday sounds like a huge yawn. Your weekends are for friends and brunch; not strangers on the floor.

Birth is a great big unknown, my friend, and simply learning what to pack in your Burberry birth bag isn’t enough.


Traditional prenatal classes won’t help you. 

  • They don’t go in-depth on cesarean birth
  • They rarely focus on the unique complexities of recovering from major surgery with a new new-born.
  • A lot of childbirth educators can’t give you the information you need to have an empowered and positive C-section because they’ve never seen one.
  • Physical distancing in our new world means traditional childbirth classes aren’t possible.

And those books that you’re ready to click-click-ship? They just don’t give you strategies to embrace the cesarean experience and make it positive. 

Are you ready to go from pregnant to postpartum with the information and support you need to empower your belly birth experience?

If you strategize now, you’ll find yourself:

  • Prepared instead of confused about what’s going on when your big day comes around.

  • Enjoying your maternity leave with your baby instead of dealing with pain and overwhelm.

  • Confidently waddle-strutting down the hallway to your birth.

  • Forever ecstatically recalling your birth experience instead of feeling that you shoulda’, coulda’ or woulda’ done things differently.

When I found out that I’d need a cesarean.

I was already a mom of two with a nursing career.

Even with all of my experience and resources, I felt super-vulnerable as a patient.

Are you ready to learn how to have an incredible birth and a positive postpartum so you can spend your precious moments during your mat leave falling deeply in love with your new-born?

I kinda thought so.

You’re going to remember your birth for the rest of your life so let’s plan to make memories that you’ll LOVE.

After two cesareans and supporting hundreds of women as they navigate their own,

 I created this one-of-a-kind course for your unique birth.


Here's Why

your birth memories influence the mother-baby bonding experience, your breastfeeding journey, your postpartum recovery and even how you’ll parent your child.

In fact, having a positive birth experience doesn’t just affect you: it affects your baby and even your relationship with your partner.

According to Dr. Louanne Brizendine of “The Female Brain”, one of the greatest predictors of maternal thriving is predictability.

Let’s help you predict your needs, shall we?

Your birth can be 

full of choices that make you feel empowered instead of uncertain.

You can give birth like the boss you are and have a recovery that includes a solid plan for postpartum support and resources.

Talk about a return on investment!

Welcome to a prenatal class that teaches you from the comfort of your couch, gives you all the information you need and you don’t have to do weird breathing exercises on the floor with random strangers.

So put on your jammies, pull up your laptop, pour your favorite mocktail and hang out with me to start planning your dream birth.


The Belly Birth Plan™

 A Complete Guide to Planning Your Birth and Postpartum

The Belly Birth Plan™ gives you a complete toolkit so you can have a positive birth experience, a well-planned postpartum and a wtf-free recovery from your birth. Crazy, right?

As a woman who’s had two cesareans, this is the course I wish I’d had.


Module 1: Pregnancy Brain: Strategies for a Healthy Mind

I’ll share some common reasons to have a cesarean and I’ll teach you strategies to create a positive mindset for your upcoming birth.

You’ll learn how to release the hormones that occur naturally during vaginal birth but not a c-section for a better birth and postpartum experience. Finally, you’ll learn about vaginal birth after cesarean and how this birth may not mean you have to have a cesarean for your next births.

Module 2: Healthy Lifestyle Choices in Pregnancy

Preparing your body for birth means preparing for postpartum healing. We’ll focus on getting the right amount of nutrients during pregnancy to support your recovery and how to stay on track.

I also walk you through guidelines for activity you’ll be excited to do, sleep tips for pregnancy, effectively planning for your postpartum recovery, and all about doulas: where to find them, what they do and how to interview them.

Finally, I’m giving you some easy strategies to help ease your mind and create a positive mindset surrounding your birth.

Module 3: Your Birth-Day: What to Expect While You’re in the Hospital

I’ll give you an insider’s look into what to expect before, during and after your birth. I’ll show you what’s going to happen before you walk down the hallway to the operating room, who will be in the room with you and what to expect in the hours after your birth. You’ll learn about birth options available for the asking and how to create a birth plan that will get noticed by your nurses.

Next, we’ll pack your hospital bag together with the items that you really need for you, your baby and your partner. And you’ll learn about what to expect in the first 72 hours after you give birth.

Module 4: Your Postpartum Journey

The biggest mistake most women make before they give birth is failing to make a plan for the weeks after. You’ll learn to pinpoint where you’re going to need the most support and how to implement a plan that gives you more time to rest and recover.

Next, you’ll explore what to expect during the first six weeks when it comes to postpartum bleeding, pain management, incision care, baby blues vs postpartum depression.(including a tool that health professionals use to pinpoint postpartum depression).

"Joanne is a bright light in what can sometimes be a confusing and scary time! As a nurse, doula and mom of four, she knows everything there is to know about birthing and raising tiny humans. Her wealth of knowledge and ability to provide information in a real, friendly way is a necessity for soon-to-be moms and new moms alike. I feel lucky to have had her in my life throughout my pregnancy and beyond!"

-Rose Terry, Marketing Manager and mom of Hudson

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And Because I’m a Giver: I also have added these BONUS RESOURCES for you

How to Breastfeed Your Newborn: A Guide to Early Breastfeeding: 
A downloadable guide that includes how to latch your baby in eight steps, how to hand express your colostrum and storage guidelines for breast milk.   

Studies have shown that women have difficulty initiating breastfeeding after a c-section, especially if they didn’t go into labour first.


5 Commonly Missed Signs of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction: 
This bonus includes a downloadable guide to five simple exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor and “The Core Breath”: a video tutorial by a Certified Athletic Therapist to get your strength back.    

Long term studies have shown that women who have cesarean birth suffer from more ongoing pelvic pain than women who’ve had a baby vaginally.

When to Call the Doctor (for Moms and Babies): 
A lifesaver for when you go home! You’re going to wonder what’s an emergency and what isn’t. Download this quick guide and stick it on your fridge for reference.

"If you haven't had the chance to get to know Joanne yet, you're in for a treat. I love the fact that she keeps it real. My favourite photo of her (which you can find over on her Instagram feed) is the one of her dancing and wearing a funky pair of sunglasses. I also love the fact that she brings her own life experience to all things parenting. She's been through tough times and she's willing to share that to help another mama along. I find that super inspiring and I'm pretty sure that you will, too."

-Ann Douglas, Canadian best-selling author "The Mother of All Pregnancy Books" and "Happy Parents Happy Kids"

Still Have Questions

Here’s Some Answers:

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The Woman who Cares so Much About Your Birth

I’m Joanne Ilaqua 

Hi! I’ve been a childbirth/postpartum/operating room nurse, doula and Lamaze certified childbirth educator for over 20 years. I’m not saying I’m old, but I’ve been around long enough to have seen a lot of births. 

As if having a busy career and four kids wasn’t enough, I took a small inheritance and turned it into a free mobile social app just for moms. Isolation is a vibe-killer, so my best days are filled up with creating digital spaces to bring moms together.

Eight years after my second unmedicated vaginal birth, my doctor told me I’d need to have a cesarean.

“Ok, I’m sure I’ll be fine. I’m a nurse after all, nothing’s gonna surprise me.”

Hmmmmmm… that experience cracked my eyes and heart wide-open to women who give birth by cesarean. I’ve got the knowledge and know-how to empower and educate you for your unique birth.

This is the course I wished was available for me, back in 2002.

How it all started

Two days after her birth, “Beth” was ready to go home. She had sailed through her c-section and immediate recovery.

Other than some post-op gas, her pain was under control.

As I finished up her discharge teaching and ensured the baby was properly secured in the car seat, I told Beth that she was one of my rockstar patients because her recovery was so smooth.

As Beth and her husband were leaving, they saw me in the hall. Beth instantly started to cry.

Her husband stood there, baby in the carseat in one hand and a suitcase in the other, looking helpless.

Beth clung to me saying, “I can’t do this! I can’t go home and do this.”

I swiftly moved them out of the hallway so we could chat privately.

We figured out that Beth was most worried about balancing her responsibilities at home with her recovery.

We made a plan that they could use as a guideline for the first six weeks postpartum.

A couple of weeks later, Beth’s husband brought a bouquet of flowers to the birthing unit for me to show their appreciation.

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How Much Does it Cost?

When you enroll today, you’ll have immediate access to:

4-modules to your empowered birth and postpartum (value: $500)

Exclusive access to the private Facebook group (value: $150)

A fully customizable postpartum plan that allows you to take control of your recovery (value $100)

A guide to early breastfeeding success (value $50)

How to Spot and Fix Pelvic Floor Dysfunction with “The Core Breath” video, downloadable exercises and a free 10-day trial for Pilates on Demand AND a coupon code on a monthly and yearly subscription to their online pilates, yoga and meditation classes. (value $200)

Are you keeping track?
That’s a total value of $1000

You can get started TODAY for:

Tall Package


3 Monthly Payments of: $58 Best Value!

  • Full curriculum
  • Bonus materials
  • Downloadable pdf’s 


$ 67

  • Full curriculum
  • Bonus materials
  • Downloadable pdf’s 
  • Access to private Facebook group




  • Full curriculum
  • Bonus materials
  • Downloadable pdf’s 
  • Access to private Facebook group


What if this course isn’t for you?

No problem!

No matter what package or payment plan you choose, if you’re not 100% satisfied with our information products and services, we will refund your money in FULL, no questions asked. This refund must take place within 10 days of the date you purchased your course.


Let’s Re-Cap!

  • Instant access to the 4-module system that will change your birth experience

  • A fully customizable and downloadable postpartum plan to recover like a boss

  • Never-ending access to our private Facebook group of amazing moms

  • Access to a birth nurse, doula and Lamaze childbirth educator

  • An online learning experience that you can fit into your busy schedule whenever it suits YOU.

If you’ve ever stopped by my social channels or read my blogs, you’ll know that I’m a ‘keep it real’ kinda girl who digs into years of personal and professional experience to bring you some of the best birth information on the internet.

I’m inviting you to use my collective wisdom and flare for positivity to uplevel everything about your birth. Because you deserve it.

Don’t waste any more time and energy wondering about how you’ll navigate your birth and recovery!

What are you waiting for? Start feeling in control of your birth now by signing up.

Tall Package


3 Monthly Payments of: $58 Best Value!

  • Full curriculum
  • Bonus materials
  • Downloadable pdf’s 


$ 67

  • Full curriculum
  • Bonus materials
  • Downloadable pdf’s 
  • Access to private Facebook group




  • Full curriculum
  • Bonus materials
  • Downloadable pdf’s 
  • Access to private Facebook group